Amidu on a fruitless search for relevance – Atik Mohammed

Policy analyst of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) Atik Mohammed says former Attorney General (AG) Martin Amidu is struggling to gain relevance in Ghana’s sociopolitical space, with his unwarranted attacks on ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

According to him, Mr Amidu is on a fruitless search for relevance with a pointless argument and character assassination of Anas, an action he describes as needless and will not inure to the benefit of Ghanaians.

The former AG has in the past few days been on the case of the renowned undercover journalist, Anas who is being praised for exposing the corrupt practices of some 34 judges in the discharge of their work, calling him a criminal and an agent of the State.

According to him, it is wrong in Ghanaian law for Anas and his Tiger Eye PI to go about recording people secretly and taking “monies out of the state”.

Amidu and Anas are in a battle of statements following claims by the former that the recent expose’ on the judiciary by the journalist was commissioned by the government.

He has also alleged that the company through which Anas produced his investigative piece is “dummy” and illegal.

It is also his believe that Anas and his Tiger Eye PI are involved in “selecting reporting” of their works in an effort to please the government.

But speaking on Peace FM Thursday, Atik Mohammed stated that Mr Amidu aka ‘Citizen Vigilante’ will do himself and Ghanaians a lot of good if he concentrates on issues that will be of utmost benefit to the citizenry.

“We are spending precious airtime talking about such trivial issues. In any case if government sponsored the investigations as Mr Amidu is claiming and so what? We have stopped talking about government’s failure to end dumsor which is affecting us all, and now contributing to this unnecessary arguments.

Atik said though he has immense respect for Mr Amidu, he strongly believes the astute lawyer has misfired with his allegations.

“What is the purpose of these accusations, and what benefit will inure to Ghanaians. He’s doing all these to establish his relevance which has waned over the years. Let’s not destroy people in our quest for relevance. Martin Amidu has been commended in the past for fighting corruption in his own government, if someone else is being praised today, that shouldn’t be a problem for him. This claim of his about who is the true anti corruption campaigner and who is not is totally needless.”