Anas is a threat to womanhood – Martin Amidu

“Citizen vigilante” Martin Amidu has taken a new twist to his case against ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas describing him as a “threat to womanhood”

Amidu is in contention with Anas for obstructing justice for a rape victim, seen in parts of his video evidence covered against the alleged corrupt judges.

Speaking to Accra-based Citi FM, the former Attorney General could not fathom why Anas will deny justice for a rape victim and still walk freely on grounds of an investigation which was ultra vires, according to law.

“What are the women in Ghana doing? Anas went to free a rapist in court – morally is it right to do so and intervene in a rape case. Didn’t he know that to free a rapist is pain to the victim. This is criminal,” he challenged.

Amidu and Anas are in a battle of statements following claims by the former Attorney General that the recent expose’ on the judiciary by the journalist was commissioned by the government.

He has also alleged that the company through which Anas produced his investigative piece is “dummy” and illegal.

It is also his belief that Anas and his Tiger Eye PI are involved in “selecting reporting” of their works in an effort to please the government.