Let Ghanaians judge my competence not NPP – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama says his critics in the opposition New Patriotic Party will see the full manifestation of his competence at play when Ghanaians give him the mandate to lead the country for another term.

“I took over from where president Mills left off. And I served for the rest of his term for five months and I went to the Ghanaian people and I said; here I am, do I deserve to be your president; and they said yes, and they gave me four years.

“So I have served my first term and its only logical that Ghanaians will add the second term so we can continue the agenda of transformation,”President  Mahama said.

He says his alleged incompetence being held as a propaganda tool for some elements of the opposition New patriotic Party (NPP) is a weak criticism since they themselves accusing him of incompetence have no experience to make their criticism valid claim.

“some of them in the offices they occupied, they should show us the competence they displayed, he added.

Some elements in the NPP have constantly referred to the  Mahama-led administration as cause of the country’s economic woes.

However, Mahama told a cheering crowd as part of his #changinglives tour that “my competence is not for them to judge. It is for the people of Ghana to judge.

“I know that come 7th November, 2016, the people of Ghana will judge my competence and they will give me a second term in office and NDC will win another victory by the grace of almighty God.”

By: Kasapafmonline.com/Ghana