I will compose songs for political parties but will not endorse them – Barima Sidney

Ghana’s most controversial rap artiste, Barima Sidney says his doors are opened to any political party that want his songs for campaign in the upcoming general elections.

He was however quick to add that he will not endorse any political party.

“My doors are opened to all political parties who wants to use my old songs for campaign in 2016 but will not add my image or endorse any party.”

The ‘Sikadie Basaa’ singer cautioned the youth to be guarded by their thoughts with political parties during the elections.

“It is never worthy to die for any politician because they are all the same, today you are with them, you do everything for them but tomorrow when they get the power, they will forget all what you did for them. They keep lying to us and using us to get what they want. I’m appealing to the youth especially not to use their time and energy to fight for politicians but rather use their time and energy to do God’s work and die for Him instead because if one dies in Christ, the person’s soul will be saved by God.”

The title track of his 2004 album, Scent no, was also controversial as it detested uncleanliness and teased various professions.

The song was picked up as a campaign song by the NPP after tangling with the NDC over its rights in the run-up to Ghana’s 2004 election.

‘Scent no’ was the NPP candidate’s slogan and he (J. A. Kuffour) rode on it to victory.


By: Kasapafmonline.com/Ghana