QUOTE: Dumsor is a wisdom problem – Pastor Mensa Otabil

“…I think we should be able to design solutions for the electricity failures in Ghana.

“At least we are not being asked to land a spaceship, we are not being asked to go to the moon or to go to Mars, just fix electricity problem. The problems facing us are wisdom problems, they are not money problems.

“In this part of the world, we believe in PhDs. He went to Oxford, he went to Cambridge, he works with the United Nations…. I don’t know why people believe in the United Nations so much. He works with the World Bank, he is IMF, he must have the solution; who told you? The test of wisdom is not the theory, the test of wisdom is: does it work?

“How can somebody who has never been able to feed himself be in government and feed people?

“Because if you can’t put food on your own table, you’ve never built any structure, you’ve never worked, how can you feed other people?

“The Ghanaian Supreme Court is British, Parliament is Chinese, and the Presidential Palace is Indian, so when somebody comes and he looks at all our wisdom, he asks, who are these people. Are they Indians or they are Chinese?”

Mensa in a sermon titled “Wisdom”, delivered at the church’s headquarters in Accra on Sunday