Ghana has the best jollof rice – Gramps Morgan

Gramps Morgan, a member of internationally acclaimed reggae group, Morgan Heritage, has put to rest the never-ending debate as to which country has the best jollof rice.

He noted that the debate over the age-old issue should cease because Ghana has the best jollof rice in the world.

The debate over who prepares jollof rice, one of the most common dishes in West Africa, has lingered on for years now with Ghana and Nigeria constantly battling it out for the title.

Addressing the issue in an exclusive interview with JoyNews Wednesday, Gramps Morgan said he has tasted jollof rice from several countries – particularly Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal – and has concluded that Ghana’s is the best. “Ghana’s Jollof is the best,” he insisted.

According to him, he loves Ghanaian jollof rice so much that when he was in Germany and Amsterdam, he had to get a Ghanaian to come prepare the dish for him.