Up to 35% of Ghanaians have once paid a bribe for services

The latest Afrobarometer survey has revealed up to 35 percent of Ghanaians have once paid a bribe for water and other essential services.

Respondents were asked whether they have tried to get water, sanitation, or electricity services from government officials and how often they have had to pay a bribe, give a gift, or do a favour to the officials in order to get the services.

Thirty-five percent of the respondents in Ghana said they paid a bribe “once or twice,” “a few times,” or “often” to get the service.

This makes Ghana the sixth worse performing country among the 36 African countries surveyed.

Liberia came up tops with 56 percent. Botswana is the only country where none of the respondents said they paid ever bribe to obtain the service.

64 percent of Ghanaian respondents also said they generally had difficulty getting access to water. When asked about government’s performance in providing water, 66 percent of the population said government faired very badly in the provision of water.

The report warned that lack of safe water and sanitation spurs growing dissatisfaction with government performance.

This year’s report surveyed about 54,000 respondents in all 36 African countries surveyed.


Source: Myjoyonline.com