Samini set to rebrand his musical career

Renowned Dancehall Artiste Samini has hinted that plans are far advanced to rebrand his musical career to keep his brand active.

He believes it’s always worthwhile to reconnect with his numerous fans in Ghana and across the globe.

The energetic Dancehall Artiste intimated that he has been performing to his fans in the UK for the past two months.

‘Well been working, pushing my new album, I released in December last year, 2015. Doing lots of work letting it reach out there, so I have been in the UK for the past 2 months or so, trying to push it out there.  It’s doing good.

We are yet to do like a re-launch of the album, it’s like a career launch, I usually go out there to reconnect with the current media scene and the current industry so I do like an event where I perform with my immediate band, it’s strictly by invitation. Where we have over 150 media people coming through, I did this like about some 7years ago, with Over-ground and Big Nash and the rest of them.

Back in the UK, and am thinking it’s always worth doing something like that every now and then to reconnect with the current face of the media, so you re-introduce yourself to those who don’t really know what you are really about. Or are new to what you have been doing.  I have been out here for quite a bit, you try to rebrand, reinvent  and be innovate, to keep the brand active,’ he explained.

Speaking with Naa Klordey Odonkor on Ultimate FM, ahead of Big Nash, Dancehall Promoter’s birthday bash at the Vienna City on Saturday in Kumasi, he remarked that it’s a privilege representing Ghana in other parts of the world.


‘It’s always been great when we go out there to represent Ghanaian music and entertainment, because the scene is vibrant out there, the following is huge. So anytime you v something good to offer, it catches on quick. It’s been great,’ he said.