Clubs to suffer points deduction if …–Dasoberi Warns

Ghanaian Football Clubs risk a fine or docking of points if they fail to comply with the Club Licensing System (CLS) requirements.

This forms part of the steps been taken to ensure full implementation of the CLS and was disclosed by the Manager of the Ghana Football Association’s CLS Board, Emmanuel Newton Dasoberi in an interview with Takoradi-based Empire FM.

Some African countries like Kenya and Cameroon have had to deal drastically with clubs who flout the prerequisites of the CLS with sanctions comprising demotion to lower tier leagues.

According to Mr Dasoberi, Ghana is in the process of towing such a line to guarantee the CLS is fully embraced.

He told Empire Sports “it is a matter of law and in the Club licensing regime we call that the book of sanction”.

“We have not adopted the book of sanction yet as we are still putting in the documents for that”.

“We will get there, definitely in the licensing regime, you must have a book of sanction” he further mentioned.

Emmanuel Dasoberi advanced that the CLS has gone through gradual processes of implementation which he asserts has helped improved some facets of the local game.

He indicated that the book of sanction will see to it that clubs who do not comply with the CLS requirements are either docked points or fined accordingly and stressed that it should be implemented in the next 2 seasons.

He posited that certain hurdles need to be cleared for the book of sanction to be applicable in Ghana.

Mr Dasoberi said “we need to first of all start educating and preparing the minds of the clubs for this and we will start this year, we shall run a seminar for the clubs”.

“And we must put it into law, go to the GFA Congress and get it to be approved, so I can say that in the next two seasons, we should have our book of sanctions” he concluded.

The Club Licensing System started in the country in the 2012/13 football season following a FIFA directive to have all member associations implement it.

The system is structured on 5 key criteria namely sporting infrastructure, personnel, administrative, legal and financial.

These when successfully implemented will allow clubs run themselves more efficiently according to the world football’s governing body.