We are FANTE REVOLUTION, an organization dedicated to lifting up the artistic and creative identity of the Western & Central Regions.

This will done through education and training  to provide the right platforms for people in the creative industry to source for the right information on how to brand and sell their craft.We also promote creative art players through support and  platforms to expose their brand to the world.

FANTE REVOLUTION was birthed as a social media promotional campaign to draw nationwide public awareness to the incredible amount of talents that the Western & Central Regions possesses. For decades now these two regions have become synonymous with talent that cuts across the creative industry: comedians, actors, singers, rappers and broadcasters have been unearthed here and have risen achieve nationwide and international success.

As FANTE REVOLUTION Our vision is to offer support to the many talented individuals here in the Western & Central Regions by providing them with requisite information that will empower them to expose their crafts to a wider audience as well provide platforms for them create, manage and nurture world class brands that can compete in any market.

The Fante Revolution as an organisation now  focuses on building the capacity of creative art players through education forums and uses its digital platforms to project, market, brand and commercial talents that’s WWW.FANTEREVOLUTION.COM.


We have put up a website(WWW.FANTEREVOLUTION.COM) which when finished, will act as a repository for the works of both the undiscovered and mainstream talents. It will be a virtual exhibition and a library for the public and industry players to get acquainted with the immense reserve of talent located in the Western and Central Regions.

The Fante Revolution team is preparing for  its maiden Creative Art Seminar which aims at tackling topics which are deemed to be hindering the growth of many industry players in the both regions.The team plans to bring on board lecturers and experience industry players capable of sharing their knowledge and experience to better the creative players in both regions


It is the hope of the team  to use this seminar to enhance  and broaden the mind scope of stakeholders in the creative art industry in order for them to appreciate and harness their creativity to capitalise on the opportunities in the industry to improves their cariers.Detail of the seminar will be released in the coming days