We Are Ready To Re-Admit Shatta Wale If He comes Forward to Publicly Apologise – Charterhouse

The bad blood between Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, and Charterhouse, organisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), have been ongoing for almost three years now. Unfortunately, the issue has been a cause of much disservice to Ghanaian music lovers who have been deprived of seeing the biggest artiste in the country on the biggest music platform in the country.


Anyone who has even a passing interest in the music scene in the country will admit that the exclusion of Shatta Wale from filing nominations and competing in the music awards means that ultimately the award cannot be said to be truly representative of the music industry considering the absence of the biggest artiste and his repertoire of chart-topping songs.

Fortunately, it appears some headway has been made to resolve the impasse between the two parties. According to interviews he has granted, Shatta Wale has expressed his desire to be reinstated into the awards scheme and in response, the board chairman of the VGMA, Nii Ayittey Hammond, has said the scheme is ready to re-admit Shatta Wale as long as he comes forward to publicly apologise for all the insinuations and criticisms he has levelled at the VGMAs.

From what has been ensuing lately, it seem both parties have the desire to make-up. Showbiz believes both brands stand to benefit immensely from each other and this should be enough to spur them on to settle their issues as soon as possible.

So if Shatta sincerely wants to be a part of the scheme, he should go ahead and do the needful. And we hope when he does that, VGMA will embrace him back into their fold. Afterall, as businesses, both parties need to focus on the end-goal which is the growth of brands and the joy of fans.