After witnessing his team put in a dominant performance, Serrano Bs U11 coach was sacked for winning by a disrespectful scoreline

Serrano B’s U11s put 25 goals past fellow Valencia-based club Benicalap C, leading to the manager’s dismissal.

Pablo Alceide, who helps run the eight-a-side team, told El Pais: “We believe in encouraging respect for your opponents. After the result, we decided that the manager should leave.”

In what must make for one of the most bizarre legal letters in existence, the sacked manager’s lawyer Daniel Revenga released a statement saying his client did not even intend for his team to score as many goals as possible.

Ravenga wrote: “Not in any case did he encourage his players to try and extend the scoreline. On the contrary, he told them to stop pressing in the opponent’s half.

“But Benicalap C continued to attack and they left too many spaces in behind.”

If you believe Ravenga, it would seem the coach had successfully created a slick, counter-attacking outfit without meaning to.

Maybe Jose Mourinho can create space for him in his coaching staff.