Give an old hammer to a carpenter and imagine the house that can be built. Give it to a toddler and, well…

This was the import of an outcry by renowned Ghanaian contemporary Highlife singer Kwesi Pee as he heavily criticized the new crop of DJs (and media practitioners) for the steady decline of our customary music genre.

He bemoaned the crisis the classical Highlife genre is currently facing during an interview with Ricky Rick on Drive Entertainment on Empire 102.7Fm; specifically lashing out at the crop of new generation DJs.

“There are no more matured and popular DJs/Presenters who represent the Highlife music genre. Rather, there are too many young DJs in the industry at the moment who don’t enjoy classical/matured music. They rather prefer to play songs that appeal to their generation, songs for the bosschics and slay queens, songs for twerking, snap-chat and what not”

Kwesi Pee posits the idea that classical music makers like himself, Kofi B, K.K Fosu are fast becoming obsolete and even the new generational Highlifers like Akwaboah, eShun, Kumi Guitar and others remain unsung because of the influx of unprofessional and “boyish” DJs.

“They fail to realize where Hiplife or even the current Afro-pop originated from. The Davido’s, Wizkid’s, Flavour’s are actually doing Highlife but because we’re considered old-school they don’t even pay attention to anything we produce”