Riddle Riddle. Which organization parks a motor bike in their office reception space? G-H-A-M-R-O.

The Ghana Music Rights Organization may be doing such a good job collecting royalties that, they probably haven’t had enough time to pay due diligence in the maintenance of their Western Regional office.

The sights of GHAMRO’s Western Regional office should embarrass the organization whose main objective is to ensure that creators of Ghanaian music are rewarded and their welfare well taken care of. Ironically, they couldn’t even do a good job maintaining their own office as these pictures show.

The office itself looks like a Mobile Money depot, in an environment that would obviously annoy the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA).

There is a stray bucket outside just before the entrance. Inside is a chaos of muddled paper documents atop a desk that seems to be abandoned, as well as that parked motor bike!

Who even parks a motor bike in their office space anyway?!

Empire FM 102.7 lenses captured the images when it visited GHAMRO’s office to witness first hand improvements that the organization have made to cover royalties since the Western Regional chairman of a group calling itself Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG) threatened to sue them over the distribution of royalties they made this month last year.


Written: Rick/Nii Kotey (Empire102.7Fm)