Fake sugar, cocoa beverage invade market

Members of the public who buy cocoa beverages and sugar are being cautioned to be wary of the products they buy, as they may be exposed to food fraud, leading to dire health consequences.

In a video circulating on social media, a woman who was speaking in Ga language explained that tins of sugar she bought from a local market may not actually be sugar after she saw a weird appearance after mixing the product with her beverage.

In the video, after preparing a beverage from tea bag, she applied milk which appeared wholesome, but a few minutes after applying the white substance supposed to be sugar, the creamy content changed colour to brown and cloudy with foamy floating bubbles.

In a different video circulating on social media, two gentlemen of Mongolian descent have been filmed in a room packaging a cocoa-looking substance into sachet bags with Milo labels on the sachet.

The two were seen in a private facility even though the products were being packaged using Nestle sachets and arranged neatly in bigger boxes.

Nestle Ghana and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) are yet to comment on the two separate videos.

Source: classfmonline.com