Empire News can confirm that the residential facility of the District Chief Executive for Ahanta West District in the Western Region is in a dilapidated state. A tour of the facility by Empire News reveals an unkempt building with paint peeling off the walls due to leakages , a dangerously caving in roofing and most of the rooms not fit for habitation bringing into question the maintenance culture at the Assembly.
The Compound has no fence wall throwing the security of the President’s representative in question as the place is used as a thoroughfare by passers by . This is coupled with the compound being littered with litter bins and skip loader trucks of waste companies making one wonder if the place really was inhabited by previous DCEs ?
The District Coordinating Director of the Ahanta West Assembly , Daniel K.M. Okwaisie reveals to Empire News that there is reliable information that the immediate past DCE of Ahanta West, Joseph Dorfoyenah , hardly stayed at the facility and explains how the assembly arrived at a decision on accommodating the new DCE , Harriet Eyison and the plans the assembly has for the DCE’ s bungalow.
The Ahanta West District Coordinating Director further revealed that the Assembly has been planning for the past 4 years for a new residence for District Chief Executives and said after residing in her own residence for the first 3 months when she was confirmed , the Assembly decided to provide her with an interim accommodation arrangement.