KATH: NPP Workers Want Director Of Administration Sacked

Some NPP workers at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ashanti region, are demanding the immediate removal of the Director of Administration, George Kofi Tetteh.

According to the Concerned NPP workers of the hospital, Mr. Tetteh’s appointment by the former NDC administration did not follow due process and is therefore unfit to be in office.

In a petition to the President and copied to the Health Ministry, The Chief of Staff, Ashanti Regional Minister and the Board Chairman of KATH, the concerned workers stated that Mr. Tetteh is unqualified for the post and only got the job by virtue of his association to the NDC party.

“We are not calling for Mr. Tetteh’s removal because he is an NDC party activist but on the basis that his appointment lacks credibility, he has openly displayed politics in his dealings with staff and has demonstrated conflict of interest prior to his current appointment.

“It is our wish that public and civil servants who are appropriately appointed into office shall put aside their political colours and serve mother Ghana to the best of their ability.”

 Below is the full petition by the NPP Concerned workers



We the concerned NPP  workers of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital wish to express our dissatisfaction to the continuous stay of *George Kofi Tetteh* as the director of administration of this Hospital.

It must be noted that Directorship position of public and civil services institutions, which Komfo Anokye is not an exception, are NOT POLITICAL POSITIONS. The custom has continued since time immemorial to safeguard institutional memory and also provide opportunity for every qualified person to serve in vacant positions.

We then find it awkward that for all the five current Directors of this hospital, the only one who did not go through competitive interview to ascend to his position as a Director is *Mr George Kofi Tetteh,* the Director of Administration of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

The following explain how he unceremoniously became the Director of Administration of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH).


Following the appointment of Dr. Joseph Akpaloo as the chief executive of this hospital somewhere in October 2014, and while the office of the director of administration of this hospital was *NOT* *VACANT* and was being occupied by one of the most senior Health Service Administrator in the country at the time by name *Mr Offeh Gyimah*.

The then chief of staff, *Mr Prosper Bani* kicked against the norm and wrote in a letter dated 14th October, 2014 to Ministry of Health directing the ministry to give effect to the then president’s decision to appoint *Mr George Kofi Tetteh* *(a known NDC party activist)* as the Director of Administration for Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, this was one of a kind.

It has never happened in the history of the country and that bad practice need not to have started at all by the chief of staff and same need not to be encouraged. The Minister giving effect to the letter written by the then Chief of Staff was done on *22nd October, 2014* and signed by the Chief Director, *Madam Salamatu Abdul-Salam*, on behalf of the Minister was irregular.( Copies of both letters are here for your perusal)

There were a lot of public sentiments about this development after those two infamous letters were released. There were discussions in the media and even on the floor of parliament.

The Chief of Staff, *Mr Prosper Bani* could not stand the pressure generated by the concerns raised by the good people of Ghana and in a letter dated *5th November, 2015* and signed by the Chief of Staff himself directed the minister of Health to withdraw his earlier directive.

The Minister through the Chief Director, *Madam Salamata Abdul-Salam* in a letter dated *17th November, 2015* withdrew the appointment of *Mr George Kofi Tetteh.* (Copies of both letters are available for your attention).

We were relieved that sanity was allowed to prevail and common sense has taken precedence over greediness.
However, the then Minister of health, *Dr. Kwaku Agyemang –Mensah* made a personal visit to the region and assured the National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters in the hospital and the region that he will do whatever he could to ensure that *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh,* who is their party man takes over from *Mr. Isaiah Offeh Gyimah* who was the then Director of Administration for this Hospital.

True to the words of the Minister, in a letter dated *13th April, 2015*, he wrote to *Mr. George Tetteh* that, the Ministry has appointed him as the Acting Director of Administration for Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and directed the Board to take requisite steps to regularize this appointment.(A copy of this letter is here for your attention) *Mr. Offeh Gyimah* who obviously did not have the might to fight the minister succumbed to the Minister’s letter and the Board’s order gave way for *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh.*

Upon realizing the harm it has caused and fear of legal action, *Dr. Ken Sagoe* who was the Board Chairman, led a team to pay various visits to *Mr. Gyimah* to prevail on him not to take any legal action against the Board and the Hospital with the assurance that all salaries and benefits due him will be paid him till he retires.

*Dr Ken Sagoe* followed this up with a letter dated *18th December, 2015.* Directing the Chief Executive of the Hospital to ensure the former Director of Administration was well taken care of.

The good people of Ghana, it will interest you to know that *Mr Isaiah Offeh Gyimah* received his full salaries and benefits due him as Director till *January 2017* whilst *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh* was also paid salaries and benefits as Director of Administration, now imagine the kind of financial loss this funny administrative arrangement may have caused the Hospital and the state (copies of letters to this effect are available)

All this was to make sure the Director of Administration position in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is made political to suit the whims and caprices of the party NDC and *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh*.

Interestingly at the time of this power struggle *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh* was Principal Health Service Administrator with about five (5) seniors ahead of him so if there was anybody to be considered for the Director of Administration position obviously it would not have been him by all standards and practice but because he has been an NDC foot soldier he had favour with the executive powers of the state.


In the year *2015,* *Mr Roland Djan Abeberese* of the electrical section of Estate Unit and an ardent NDC foot soldier had been absent to work for hundred and three days (103) this was reported to management through the head of electrical section by name Mr. Bismark Akwasi Addai who is also a diehard supporter of NDC and an aspiring parliamentary candidate for *New Edubiase* of the same party, as a result of which *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh* and *Mr. Bismark Akwasi Addai* overlooked this insubornation and no disciplinary measures were taken against the offender because they belong to the same political party.

In the wake of verbal and written complaints from one *Mr. Wireko Brobbey* one day *Mr. Ronald Djan* assaulted him severely to the extent that he had his right hand broken and all expenses he incurred on that was solely borne by him and right after the general elections in *December, 2016.* *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh* made arrangements to get *Ronald Djan* transferred to Techiman Government Hospital. (Copies of this absence, complaints and pictures of assault are available for your perusal)
Haven sponsored his party’s political campaigns and electoral activities openly to the extent that before the *2016 general elections,* anytime he meets somebody he perceives as pro New Patriotic Party supporter he tells the person that NDC foot soldiers in the Hospital do not want you to be where you are working and would take steps to effect change.

Again in course of his open campaigns in favour of his party NDC he said repeatedly that, the then candidate *Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo* can never become President of this country and here we are, he is the president of our dear country and he is still carrying himself about as Director of Administration in this Hospital at the expense of the majority who defied his harassment and that of NDC foot soldiers, toiled and worked hard to ensure the victory and liberty of Ghanaians.

Again, in the running- up to the 2016 general elections *Mr. George Kofi Tetteh* used KATH Suzuki truck with the registration number GV 2740-14 to convey cutlasses from Volta region to Ashanti Region which were meant to slay NPP supporters in Ashanti region as has been indicated at Boss Fm a radio station in Ashanti by an NDC Regional communication member.

In conclusion, it is believed that as per the provisions of section 14 (1) of the, presidential Transition Act 2012, Act 845, and paragraph 6 of the schedule 14 thereto, *Mr.  George Kofi Tetteh’s* appointment ceases on assumption of office of the President *Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo.*

We the concerned New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) are therefore calling for immediate revocation of George Tetteh’s appointment and his removal from office.

We are calling on all authorities; The Presidency, Minister of Health  and the Acting CEO OF Kath to take appropriate steps to declare the position of Director of Administration vacant and publicly advertise it for all people with the relevant competencies and qualifications to apply for appointment.

We are not calling for *Mr. Tetteh’s* removal because he is an *NDC party activist* but on the basis that his appointment lacks credibility, he has openly displayed politics in his dealings with staff and has demonstrated conflict of interest prior to his current appointment
It is our wish that public and civil servants who are appropriately appointed into office shall put aside their political colours and serve mother Ghana to the best of their ability

Hon. Kwame Oppong Kyekyeku