A suspected mentally retired  young man believe to his 20’s and also a resident of the Zenith Electoral Area here in Takoradi, this morning set fire to his mother’s house.

His whose name was only giving as Davi had her house and that of a neighbor completely razed down.

The young man whose name is not yet known committed the dastardly act after a misunderstanding with the mother a retiree of Public Works Department (PWD).

According to some neighbors who spoke to Empire News said the young man has been terrorizing the mother and neighbors for a long time.

According to neighbours, he normally goes wild after he comes back from his smoking expedition.

One neighbor disclosed that yesterday he asked his mother to give him money for him to go and patronize the services of a commercial sex worker but was rejected by his mother and he went berserk threatening to set the house on fire which turns out not to be a mere threat. It took the timely intervention of fire personnel to prevent the fire from spreading to other houses close by. The young man has been sent to the Takoradi Police Station.