The Founder and President of Ghana’s premier virtual University; Accra Institute of Technology(AIT), Professor Clement Dzidzornu is expressing uneasiness about the lack of adequate, extensive stakeholder consultation before the institution of the proposed double track system by government in September for new senior high school entrants.
Speaking on Radio 360′ s flagship morning programme, “Y3nsom” hosted by Kwame Malcolm, Professor Clement Dzidzornu said the double track system will be a major shift in education delivery in the country and there was need for expansive stakeholder consultation with parents , teachers etc before its implementation,” …how many parents out there listening to this programme know that this exercise about to be rolled out will have implications on them? We have been practising the single track system for years and such a major shift should have come with extensive consultation to make parents plan their lives, finances etc and I have 2 kids going to senior high school and this has got me thinking as this is a big change ; in case they find themselves in different tracks? I think enough education involving the media and all other avenues must be employed else we will find ourselves in a situation that will not be pleasant,” the AIT Founder added.
Professor Dzidornu found it very surprising that the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) were not consulted as they are a very important stakeholder who will be at the centre of the policy. He said NAGRAT needed to have been consulted to make an input ; “you heard the teachers say they will meet and take a decision and this is not a way to introduce such a change ;,what if the teachers say they will not cooperate; they are in the classroom , they will be delivering to our kids.Are they just being told that government says it will  do this and they are  employees and must only go along?…but i will appeal to the teachers that whatever way you look at it we have a capacity problem that is not going to go away soon and we all need to meet on it and find solutions I will prevail on the teachers to let calm heads prevail to think smart and find solutions.” said the AIT founder.
He said the solutions being propounded now is short to medium term solutions and there is need for long term solutions by creating more capacity as more kids are leaving more schools to find placement in senior high level.
He said areas being cited where similar practise takes place needs  to be examined well to find out how similar the environments of the 2 countries are,  since the factors and the conditions must be similar . He said similar things were said when the technical universities were introduced as Ghana then was compared to Germany where their technical universities are well funded.
He wondered if the countries being cited as practising the double track system or created their double track system because of access like ours and how similar our factors and conditions are  to theirs; “…it is good to know how Kenya is doing theirs as we want to know how far they have gone with it? What challenges did they face? If you move something from other part of the world to be practised here; you must make sure the conditions are the same …if it is true Kenya is doing it we should have learnt something from them to know the challenges they faced? What problem were Kenyans facing by introducing the 2 track system? I would have preferred an example from a capacity constrained country and relate the size of their constraints”; added the AIT university don.