The District Chief Executive of Shama, Joseph Amoah is blaming the assembly member of Aboadze , a community in the district , for the seeming tension over jobs by the youths.

Speaking on Radio360 ‘s flagship morning programme ,” Y3nsom”; hosted by Kwame Malcolm, the DCE of Shama recounted that due to the previous tension amongst the youths of the area where they invaded the premises of METKA Construction Company Limited; and Amandi Company ; who are sub-contractors for the construction of a thermal power project in Shama; with sticks and invoked curses that had to be later revoked by fetish priests and priestesses.

He said such acts have given the district a bad image and some companies have even rescinded their intent to have established in Shama.

The DCE revealed that in a bid to find a lasting solution to the problem, a stakeholders engagement led by the Regional Minister, Dr Kwaku Afriyie together with the youths and executives of the companies were held last Tuesday where a gentleman’s agreement was reached for provision to be made for qualified youths of the community though the companies are not bound by law to do that.

He added that after progress was made, the Aboadze assembly man, Peaceful Baidoe, told the youths that since he was not party to the discussion in relation to the Gentleman’s agreement brokered; this act incited the youths against the resolution, he added.

Meanwhile in a related issue, the Shama DCE said he blames the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) government for not doing due supervision over the stalled Shama Polyclinic project that was began in 2006 by the Kufuor government.

He lamented that under the then Member of Parliament of Shama; Angelina Baiden Amissah, the project began earnestly till the lintel level but when NDC assumed office in 2009 it neglected the supervision of the project resulting in the main contractor subletting the project to a sub-contractor without knowledge of the assembly leading to the building being abandoned by the subcontractor as monies advanced to the main contractor were not being paid to the sub-contractor.

He said the building is now a haven of bats and snakes.

Joseph Amoah further revealed that strenuous efforts are being made to resettle the Anlo beach community of close to over 300 settlers who are at the mercy of tidal waves. He said anytime a breakthrough in lad acquisition is reached a segment of the family comes to litigate over the process demanding money. He said though now a piece of land has been secured , he has hints that a section of the family will soon be filing a case in court over the leasing of the land since no payment has been advanced to them.