News broke on Thursday, August 16 about FIFA’s decision to set up a normalisation committee to lead the process of reforming Ghana Football for and returning it to normalcy subsequently.

The decision was arrived at following a fruitful meeting between the FIFA president Gianni Infantino flanked by his other lieutenants and some top Government of Ghana officials led by the Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah.

The Normalisation Committee will be formed by FIFA in consultation with CAF and the Government of Ghana, with the latter eventually discontinuing with a court case to wind up the Ghana Football Association.

I have therefore taken the initiative to provide information about the Normalisation Committee and what it entails.

The FIFA Normalisation committee is an interim body often mandated by the world football governing body to lead processes for:

  • Reforms of a member association
  • Resolve all conflicting stances that have triggered wrangles within a member association
  • Where need be restructure the leadership/governance structure of member association as deemed appropriate by FIFA and other stakeholders.

The Normalisation Committee is charged with:

  1. Running the daily affairs of the football association
  2. Reviewing the statutes of the football association including but not limited to the domestic league and other competitions to ensure their alignment with FIFA’s Statutes and requirements; should there exist any discrepancies.
  3. Drafting new statutes that fulfill the requirements of FIFA statutes as well as the national law.
  4. If necessary: Identifying the representative bodies to form the Congress, as well as in regional bodies, and conducting elections to form a new executive committee.


FIFA shall appoint persons who will be required to pass eligibility and integrity checks.

In the case of Ghana, the Government of Ghana shall be consulted and if necessary shall nominate persons to serve on the committee so as to represent their interest.

FIFA can choose persons from within, at CAF or even members of the current GFA, however as mentioned earlier they must pass integrity and eligibility checks.

FIFA will have a review committee critically assess the eligibility, integrity and competency of persons nominated for the Normalization Committee after which there will be a final confirmation.

Normally FIFA sets timelines by which the Committee is supposed to work.

In the event of any contravention especially if it comes from the government, FIFA shall take a decision (they could outrightly ban Ghana until what is required is done).

By Michael Asare Boadu