Awards of Contract in Ghana to International Oil Companies will be based on the Open Competitive Tendering Process which aims at ensuring absolute transparency and confirming that companies being invited into the country are of high caliber through their use of best international methods of exploration.

Speaking at the Upstream Offshore Conference in Norway, the Chief Director at the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Mr. Lawrence Apaalse explained that the process of Open Competitive Tendering involves the direct move of inviting companies for negotiation in the awards of contract.

He told the business community during the Ghana Session at the just ended Offshore North Sea (ONS) Conference at Stavanger-Norway that one out of the nine blocks will be reserved for Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC) to enable them to build their capacity to assume heights like Aker Ghana Energy and Exxon Mobile.

The Western Region has been chosen as the first place for the 9 ear-marked blocks which will be used in commencing the OCTP due to the fact that so much can be done in the shortest possible time before it is extended to the other regions in the country.

Mr. Lawrence Apaalse further gave a breakdown of how the 9 blocs will be allocated in the Western Region and the steps that the Open Competitive Tendering Process will take.

The maritime boundaries and vast territories gained by the Ghana Maritime Territory makes Ghana a secured place for foreigners who would like to invest in Petroleum.

Mr Apaalse in a separate interview with Empire Business said government of Ghana has agreed to extend the Oil for development (OfD) Programme.

The OfD Norway aim at sharing its experience from more than four decades of managing oil and Programme which targets poverty reduction through responsible management of petroleum resources and support for capacity development through institutional collaboration. This involves Norwegian public institutions entering into long-term cooperation agreements with public institutions in Ghana

Ghana signed onto the programee immediately after discovering Oil in commercial quantities,

Mr Apaalse said it was important to extend the programme because the implementation of the regulatory regime of Ghana was gradually picking up


Emmanuel Ohene -Gyan