A former Chief of Defence Staff during the Rawlings Administration and National Security Coordinator under the Late President J.E.A .Mills , Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah is adding his voice to the likes of the President of the African University College of Communications , Kojo Yankah by advising the former President John Dramani Mahama not to aspire to be a flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be President of Ghana.

Speaking on Radio 360’s flagship programme hosted by Kwame Malcolm in Takoradi, the Sandhurst trained General said Ghanaians have rejected the Former President at the last polls and there is no need to try to comeback; “…I support Kojo Yankah 101 percent in advising Former President Mahama not to run again, his supporters can attack me also like they are doing to Kojo Yankah ;…how do you replace me; someone who trained at Sandhurst with Baba Kamara because you say I speak the truth? So if President Mills chose me as the first of appointees for telling the truth, I will never lie in my life, I have never lied in my life”, added the former national security coordinator.

He however was hesitant to make a choice out of the over 11 aspiring candidates for the flag bearer position of the NDC saying ;” there is none like him in there who speaks the truth ; who has got courage to speak his mind; we have been around the past 25years and we are going nowhere ; Ghana is in a hole and when we go to borrow money and use it to buy land cruisers there is no thinking , no planning…you the press you are part of the problem so you have to speak about all this ;” he quipped.

He said the performance of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) is below average ;” I am not impressed by anything; young people finish school roaming the streets  and there is no job, you can see desperation in their eyes, you can see pressure ; I have not been impressed by the NDC and the NPP in the last 25years ,” added the tough talking Brigadier General. He wondered why as an individual he can lead to build 6/7 classroom blocks in Moree in the Central Region in a bid to demonstrate to young people adding that all the leaders can do is buy land cruisers he worriedly stated.