A former National Security Coordinator during the erstwhile National Democratic Congress(NDC) says the nation is on the brink of collapse as everyone watches on for the two main political parties form “paramilitary” groups .

Speaking on Radio 360’s flagship morning programme hosted by Kwame Malcolm in Takoradi ; the Sandhurst trained Army General wondered why such criminal acts being perpetrated by the NPP and the NDC is being countenanced  ; “…we need to be careful in Ghana, we all know what is going is unlawful; President Akufo Addo knows that ; NDC big wigs too know that but we look on as they form such paramilitary groups holding sticks and knives claiming to protect themselves because they do not have confidence in the security agencies…we are not serious in this nation …” the former national security coordinator fumed.

He said it is unlawful under the constitution to form such groups and wonder why such criminal acts are being glossed over by the Attorney General department ;,”..this is how the destruction of countries like  Libya , Syria , Iraq all began and if care is not taken; Ghana will go the same way..”  ;  Brigadier -General Nunoo Mensah warned.

The former National Security Capo also blamed the media for not standing up against such indiscipline and dangerous , unlawful acts , ” ..President Akufo Addo is a lawyer and does he not know what is going on is not right? I wonder why he is looking on and you the Press too are quiet and not condemning such acts openly as this nation has been reduced to a football game  between the NDC and NPP ; the Press needs to wake this country up and restore the discipline in this country ..” he fumed.

The Former National Security Coordinator eulogised the late President Professor Atta Mills for his discipline saying that was the reason he worked under him despite he not being an NDC member; “I want to hear you on air condemn these things whether from the NDC or the NPP and if the President wants to show he is in control , he should order the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) on air to clamp down on such illegal acts as the CDS and the army on their own cannot deal with it because the President appointed the CDS and such illegal acts are supported by the ruling NPP government..” fumed an incensed Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah.