With less than a week of the running of the double track school system for senior high schools, the National Association of Graduate Teachers is raising red flags over the quality of teaching that will be delivered to the new crop of students who have been enrolled.

Speaking to Empirefmonline in Takoradi , the Western Regional Secretary of NAGRAT, Edith Sumbo reveals that her school where she teaches, Takoradi Senior High School (TADISCO) has made a request for extra 24 teachers in view of the promise by government to employ extra 8,000 teachers ; however their request is unable to be met by government ; “…we have realized that the government said it is bringing 8,000 people to come and supplement the existing teachers but when the schools were called to draw a timetable we realized we needed 24 teachers but government said it does not have that many teachers so we had to make do with the teachers there and so we asked  for 4 which we have not even gotten….”

She also revealed the Nation Builders Corp(NACOB) programme that is being used to recruit more teachers is encountering serious challenges ; “…most of the NABCO they said they are employing , most of them when they go on line and  are printing their appointment letter, none of them has been able to print it..” ; the Western Regional NAGRAT secretary stated.

The  Western Regional NAGRAT secretary also revealed that due to the lack of teachers and inability of government to fulfill its promise , most students will be unable to undertake the programmes of their choice; “…some of the schools are stranded because they said they should make use of the limited number of teacher they have so for example , in general arts like that , other courses like econs , elective math , geography and maybe government or French and the other group too; arts 1 or 2 ; they do the CRS (Christian religious studies) , fante , history and maybe French but because the numbers are not many ,if you want to bring a teacher and split this class into 2, so some do the economics and geography or elective math component and at the same time in the green track; the same teachers may have to come for the golden track…so some of the schools will have to push all of  them to be doing the CRS , History , Geography and French but the child may not want to go to those areas and he /she may not achieve his/her dream as they may not be given the free  will…but if those teachers were employed , then they can have their choice…” she indicated.

She added that her checks around indicated that some schools said some schools said the first track will have the benefit of available teachers and leave the second track to their fate as there are no extra teachers.

She said most new teachers enrolled may not be experienced enough.