The Electricity Company of Ghana in the Western Region has disconnected a washing bay from the national grid. The washing bay that was  recently constructed is situated under ECG pylons around Tadisco in the Effia Kwesimintsim Municipality thereby exposing workers of the washing and customers as well as nearby persons to danger.

Speaking to Empirefmonline  during the disconnection exercise , the Western Regional Public Relations officer of ECG, Ben Quarcoo revealed that one can be electrocuted if the washing bay is left to operate ; “..the pylons generate a good source of conduction with electricity so somebody might end up electrocuted and we don’t want something like that to happen so we have taken the steps to disconnect them from the main line until we take steps to bury the cable and until that is done we won’t allow them to operate..” added the ECG PRO.

He said the cost of burying the cables will have to be borne by the owner of the washing bay and said the dangers are grave for customers and the workers; “…those washing the cars and if the spray gun should spray the water up there it and since it is a good conductor of energy so can electrocute those around if the water even touches any metal ..” he revealed.

ECG official disconnecting the metre at the washing bay
ECG official disconnecting the metre at the washing bay

The Western Regional Engineer of ECG , Ibrahim Yakubu revealed that some verbal reports  were lodged with ECG upon construction of the washing bay ; he said some short term and long term measures will be adopted to save lives ; “..we will ensure that those that are too dangerous will be taken off and in the long term we will discuss it a bit further as some people in that enclave use the services and may not all of a sudden be humane to cut them off..” ; the ECG Regional Engineer opined.

The enclave is being inhabited by squatters under high tension pylons and the said washing bay is purported to have obtained an ECG metre for the washing bay under false pretences to operate a well which later turned out to be a washing bay. There are question marks over how the washing bay obtained a permit from the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Authority (STMA) without checks with the ECG and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) ? Checks at the newly created district , Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly (EKMA),show no license has been issued since its inception .

As at the time the disconnection exercise took place the owner of the washing bay was unavailable and the workers declined to speak to the issue.

Premises of the washing bay and its proximity to the ECG pylons

The STMA is on record to issuing permits for unauthorised structures to be constructed with recourse to the allied agencies in the name of multisectoral consultation to forestall such happenings. As at the time of going to press there is an on going construction in a reserved space for road expansion along the Kasuerina belt near Takoradi Flour Mills warehouse and in the premises of Mitsubishi Motors Limited. When ECG was asked if they had consented to that construction; they revealed it has just come to their notice and will follow up on it as some pylons also abound there. The STMA released a parcel of land to Mechanical Lloyd Limited recently for a show room to be constructed  against numerous protests by residents as the space was for road reservation but the STMA adamantly released the land under suspicious circumstance in league with the Lands Commission in the name of re-zoning to the private developer.