Ahanta chiefs angry over Charles Bissue investigations

The Paramount Chief of Upper Dixcove Traditional Area in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region Obrempon Hema Dekyi is bemused that two bodies are investigating embattled Executive Secretary to the Inter – ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining Charles Bissue for the same alleged misconduct.

“I am bemused that two bodies the CID and Special Prosecutor are all investigating Charles Bissue for the same alleged misconduct. I am yet to learn of any such situation in the history of Ghana. I’m not a lawyer but I hear that is called double jeopardy and they tell me it is wrong”.

He said “It looks to me that this fine gentleman with a great political future is being targeted unduly. But we want to assure whoever is behind this unnecessary witch – hunt that if found out he will have the whole of Ahanta to contend with”.

Speaking on behalf of Ahanta Chiefs during a visit of the Western Region Minister Kobby Okyere Darko – Mensah to his palace the Omanhen stated that the Chiefs of Ahanta are not happy with the pace at which the investigation is being carried.

“Nananom of Ahanta and the Western Region, we are not happy at the pace at which this investigation is going. In fact we must know where it has gotten to”.

“I understand the Charles Bissue is on bail and reports to the CID and SP every Friday. He cannot live his life like this”.

He said the “young man has been going through this torture for more than 3 months and we are worried. When will his demonization end”.

Obrempon Hema Dekyi stated that “we want to stress that Nananom will never condone any wrongdoing on the part of anyone. He [Charles Bissue] is our son and if he disgraces himself, definitely he has disgraced us and therefore we will not hesitate to punish him accordingly. In the same spirit, if he has done nothing wrong we don’t see why we should not support him”.

According to Obrempon they can vouch for the innocence of their subject Charles Bissue adding it is only the investigations that can say otherwise.

“But if he has done nothing wrong he should be vindicated early for him to go back to work. Ever since this needless incident happened some persons have taken advantage of the seeming lack of leadership at the IMCIM and have gone back onto our river bodies and destroying them with glee. Now all the gains made by Charles Bissue and the IMCIM are being eroded by the minute. Why should this happen’’, he asked

He said “even if you take a critical look at the footage that was shown, we have our own pertinent questions to ask. Things simply do not add up”.

By Emmanuel Ohene-Gyan