Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital gets a breath of fresh air

It has been years since the walls of the Regional Hospital of the Western Region, Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital saw some paints. This has left the facility in a decrepit state however since the assumption of office of the Dr Joseph Tambil administration of the Edfia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, there is a breath of fresh air at the Hospital as the Maternity Block of the facility has began seeing some paint bringing the Effia Nkwanta Hospital to life.

At a recent ceremony to outdoor a new laboratory at the Accident and Emergency Ward of the Hospital, the Medical Director, Dr Joseph Tambil revealed to Empire fm online some ongoing projects ; “…you can see the maternity block is getting painted and am sure it is first time in the last 20 years or so and am grateful to the entire management team…also we are setting up a dialysis unit and our staff are almost done with a refresher course as the physical works are almost and it will kick start in August.

There are many things we are doing and one of it, is the electronic folder management system….” the medical director of Effia Nkwanta added.
When asked of how the Hospital is funding all these developments, he remarked that one needs to be smart when bestowed with a management position; ” Internally generated funds alone cannot fund these and one needs to be smart when given a managerial job and if you look at the placement concept with the new laboratory you can obviously see this is a management that is thinking beyond the normal” , Dr Joe Tambil stated.

Painting on going at Maternity ward of Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital above

Meanwhile the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital has acquired a new medical laboratory at the Accident and Emergency ward of the hospital through the ingenuity of the Dr Joe Tambil led Management.
At a short outdoor ceremony of the new laboratory, the medical director of the hospital Dr Joseph Tambil revealed that the half a million dollars worth new Medical laboratory was acquired through an agreement contract with Sysmex , a company that deals in laboratory and medical equipment .

Dr Joe Tambil revealed that the contract is along the lines of equipment placement agreement; ” Sysmex will make available to us ( Effia Nkwanta) certain essential laboratory machines and our obligations is to purchase the consumables that go along with it, as the machines are placed here free of charge…when we are able to consume a certain quantum of consumables, the machines will revert to us after 5 years when the target of consumables to be purchased are met…” the medical Director of Effia Nkwanta Hospital added.

He revealed that the machines include 1 coagulation machine , 3 haematology analysers, 2 urine analysers. He further added that now there will be a laboratory to service Emergency cases and medical and kids ward so patients will not walk around to get tests done . He added that all departmental heads have been admonished to ensure no doctor or any other health care staff request for laboratory tests to be done outside the hopistal and punitive measures will be meted out to anyone who flouts it.

The Managing Director of Sysmex in Ghana, Eric Osei revealed that there are 3 levels of such equipment placement agreement in terms of its maintenance. He revealed that the first level is the part where their local engineers in Ghana attend to requests based on calls made by the client and involves periodic maintenance twice a year which the Hospital eill benefit from.

He said if it is beyond the local engineers it is scaled up to the Africa office with the third level being from their headquarters in Germany when the first and second levels are unable to fix the defects. He said the third level is very rare as most of their equipments record one breakdown failure every 4 years . He assured of the equipment being in tip top shape . He said the cost per test contract they have entered with Effia Nkwanta Hospital requires the facility to procure 10,000 samples per year for 5 years for the equipment to revert to the facility.

By Kwame Malcolm