ISIS have released a new training video and it’s very bizarre – SEE PHOTOS + VIDEO

ISIS have released a bizarre new training video showing their fighters leapfrogging, boxing and being kicked in the genitals.

The strange clip gives fresh insight into some of the methods being deployed by the brutal militant regime.

The 14-minute video shows trainee terrorists leaping over each other in a game similar to the school playground favourite leapfrog.

ISIS-Video (4)

They are also seen boxing, stretching, firing guns and doing press ups.

In one section, the soldiers line up with their hands behind their back while a trainer delivers brutal kicks between their legs.

The training regime is interspersed with interviews with masked trainee jihadists.

The video ends with the new recruits lining up and shaking hands with their superiors.

The new video comes days after Daesh released another film in English threatening the UK for being part of a ‘coalition of devils’.

ISIS-Video (3)

It also taunted America to ‘bring it on’ claiming that military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have left troops “demoralised”.

During the four minute clip, released online this week, an image shows the flags of 60 nations the terrorists say are part of a global coalition against the Islamic State.

ISIS-Video (2)

The UK is among them, along with the US, Japan, Canada, France and Australia.

A booming, Hollywood-style voice over says: “America, you claim to have the greatest army history has known.

“You may have the numbers and weapons but your soldiers lack the will and resolve, still scarred from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq.

ISIS-Video (1)

“They return dead or suicidal, with over 6,500 of them killing themselves each year.”

The propaganda video also goes on to threaten the allies who fight against Islamic State.

“Bring it on… Gather your allies,” it says.

“Plot against us and show us no respite.

“Our ally is the greatest. He is Allah and all glory goes to him.”

The video then finishes with a quote from the Qur’an above planet Earth: “So resolve upon your plan and [call upon] your associates.

“Then not let your plan be obscure to you. Then carry it out upon me and do not give it respite.”

Similar videos have reportedly been released at the same time in French, Russian and Turkish.