Bukom Banku’s career in danger?

Bukom Banku’s career could be in danger following a warning by a sports medicine expert, Dr Prince Pambo,  that the effects of skin bleaching by athletes would have a lasting damaging effect on the athlete.

According to Pambo, who is the medical director of the National Sports Authority, the skin loses its toughness and elasticity when one bleaches .

“If you an athlete bleach your skin and there is a laceration or a cut it can be problematic because it makes stitching difficult”, he told the Graphic Sports in an interview yesterday.

Pambo’s comment comes in the wake of reports that Braimah Kamako aka Bukom Banku has opted for skin bleaching.

He noted that the healing of a wound of someone who bleaches was always difficult contending that  for an athlete, particularly boxers who engage in contact sport, the healing of such wounds would never be complete.

Dr Pambo stated that athletes such as Banku, who is an individual star, must act as role models for the youth to emulate.

He stressed that to resort to bleaching which is a bad example for the youth to emulate did not augur well, particularly for Banku, who many Ghanaian youth look up.

– www.graphic.com