Watch: I have the right to campaign for Mahama – Dele Momodu

Chief Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation International magazine and once a presidential candidate in Nigeria has hit back at critics who have cautioned him against any direct attempt to campaign for President John Mahama.

The Nigerian businessman-cum-politician has publicly endorsed President Mahama, labelling his government’s achievements as “outstanding”.

His endorsement has attracted widespread criticism from a section of the public, who have cautioned him to stay away from Ghanaian politics.

In an interview with GhanaWeb, Chief Momodu described such critics as members of the opposition parties who have decided to turn a blind eye to the “humongous” achievement of President Mahama.

Reacting to assertions that he’s not qualified to dabble in Ghana politics, he said, “I am a stakeholder in Ghana just like many Nigerians with investments here in Ghana. I support Hillary Clinton where I don’t have investment; nobody has said I don’t have a right. But in Ghana where I have invested a lot, it is hilarious to hear opposition in Ghana saying I don’t have a right to promote the good works the President is doing.

“We cannot keep silent when a leader is embarking on legacy projects. Stability of Ghana is of interest to us, even as Nigerians.”

He added that he had not promoted chaos, and he’ll never abuse anybody, but rather befriend everyone, including Nana Akuffo-Addo.

“The fact that John Mahama is the President of Ghana today does not mean I will run down Ghana, I will rather join hands with people who are ready to market Ghana to the World than align with people who are determined to run down Ghana for politics sake,” he submitted.