Ghanaian Model Mysterously Found Dead After Being Missing For A Month

Jennifer Amegbor-Smith was a runway and photo model in Accra Ghana with Spice Models. To date, She had been missing for about a month which began to disturb friends and family. Her parents eventually filed her absence with the police. Sadly, they recently discovered she was dead when they confirmed an unidentified body at the mortuary was hers. According to the police, she was found by them laying on the high way.

The police reported her death as a hit and run. However, from speculations of friends and rumours believe she was murdered. Jennifer Amegbor-Smith was last seen at a club ‘Bedouin’ with a friend, who eventually left her at the club later that night.

What happened after then is unknown. We advice all ladies to be extra careful when outing and always remain in numbers no matter how entertaining or disturbing your activities are. Ghana is a peaceful country, nevertheless there are always bad hearted people everywhere or people that do stupid tragic things. On behalf of our condolences goes out to Jennifer family. R.I.P.