80% voted in Special Voting – EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced 80% of persons on the special voting roll voted at the end of the two-day Special Voting exercise.

The exercise was plagued with several issues including missing names of security personnel who have threatened to boycott duty on December 7.

The Electoral Management Body has assured those who could not vote will be given the chance to cast their ballot.

Below is the EC’s full statement:

Some special voters have not found their names on the Special Voters List as expected. There are some reasons for this:

If you did not transfer your vote to the constituency in which you wanted to vote, your name wouldn’t be on the special voters register there, but will appear on the list where you originally registered.

If you submitted the wrong Voter ID number to the EC, your name could not be added to the Special Voters List.

If you did not submit your details at all, your name could not be added to the register. Note that being a member of security forces or media doesn’t give you automatic right to be added to the list – you had to have submitted your details to the Commission.

If you couldn’t vote as a Special Voter for any of these reasons, you can STILL vote on 7 Dec in the constituency where you registered originally.

The Commission has advised the security agencies to deploy affected persons to polling stations close to where they originally registered. You will then be able to vote early before you start your work.