GFA Rejects 20 – Club League Proposal ahead of Extra – ordinary Congress.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has rejected a proposal for a 20 club league. The GFA’s executive committee rejected the proposal because it was deemed unfit at this material point in time ahead if its extra ordinary congress slated for Wednesday 4th January, 2017.

The proposal although laudable would have huge implications on the upcoming season and the division one as well with regards to the number of relegated sides. The proposal was key among the agenda to be discussed at the GFA’s extraordinary congress which takes place at Alisa Hotel in the Capital Accra.

According to Congress document intercepted by EMPIRE SPORTS, a total of nine proposals were submitted before the executive committee of the GFA ahead of its extra ordinary congress but the ninth proposal which was for the increment in the number of participants in the league was rejected.

“The proposal for a 20 team league was rejected on the grounds that though the reasons adduced are laudable it has to be properly planned before it is tabled before congress as its implementation would directly affect the finances of the teams currently participating in the league as well as have a direct bearing on the structure of the Division One League”.

“Promotion and relegation is what makes every league competitive. Teams are aware of the rule of engagement before the start of each season. If there was to be no relegation the teams ought to have been informed before they participated in the league”.

“To allow certain teams already relegated to stay in the league by proposing to take immediate effect smirks of favoritism and compromising the sporting integrity of the league”.

The GFA’s extra ordinary congress became necessary after it failed to make amendments at its ordinary session of congress last month. The extra ordinary congress would have two sessions; an amendment session and an award ceremony session at the plush Alisa Hotel at 8am.

Source : Empire 102.7fm