PHOTOS: Sayvee’s weekend trip to Dubai to study tourism and creative arts industry + Offers suggestions to Creative Arts Ministry

Leader and founder of Corp Sayvee movement, Savior Adzika known in Showbiz as Sayvee has embarked on a weekend trip to United Arab Emirates (UAE) to study the tourism and creative arts in the Emirate of Dubai.

During the 16th February to 20th February, 2017 ‘Showbiz trip’ as he calls it, Sayvee visited the acclaimed Dubai Media City which is the media foothold of the UAE. According to Sayvee, he was briefed about how Pakistani independent and private channel televisions Geo News TV and ARY One World were shut down when the Pakistan military regime ordered. “When the parliament later allowed that these channels can operate, they were restricted to only air entertainment programmes. That made these channels leaders in entertainment in the UAE since news, current affairs and social programmes were forbidden from airing” Sayvee told Sayvee also mentioned that because of the history behind those channels, it has made them develop innovative entertainment programmes that build their creative arts sector. He mentioned that 90% of the songs and TV programmes aired are their own Celebrities.

“During the vetting of Minister of Creative Arts, Catherine Afeku, she mentioned some great plans for the Ministry. She said she will ensure that the long awaited Creative Arts bill is passed and also create the Creative Arts Council. She has my support for that and I will entreat her to visit the Dubai Media City to have an idea how they ensure that most of the music and films aired are from their own. The Media City has a lot to teach leaders in Creative Arts” Sayvee admonished.

Sayvee also visited the Arabian Radio Network (ARN) where his current song ‘Love forever (Sweet banana)’ featuring Ruff and Smooth enjoyed airplay (on 17th February, 2017).

He (Sayvee) as well visited the Movenpick Dubai Pearl, Dubai Pearl Hotel Tower 1 and 2, Omnix North Tower, The One Tower and Dubai Pearl Lulwa Tower. In his own words “The Ministry of Creative Arts and Tourism can learn a lot from these towers which fetch them some whooping sums of money and since Dubai is known for their tourism sector, I urge the Minister and his deputies to consciously travel there or go into some partnership with them to help build ours to that height too.”
Photos of Sayvee’s visit below;