Don’t blame khebab seller; he rather saved our lives – Eyewitness

A driver’s mate who was an eye witness to Saturday’s gas explosion at Madina Zongo junction, has slammed individuals blaming a khebab seller for sparking the fire which caused the explosion.

Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Mr. Frimpong said, by a lay man’s view, he will not accept the theory by those blaming the khebab seller for causing the explosion.

He said, I have heard people blaming the khebab seller but in my own opinion, he was the one who saved our lives.

There were others who were selling food behind the station and they use fire to prepare their meals and so I don’t think the khebab seller should be blamed.

The fire could have started from the station where the food sellers were so I don’t know why they are blaming the khebab seller.

He also added that some of the victims who sustained injuries made attempt to rob some shops affected by the explosion.

In his narration, he said, we received information on Saturday that the tanker that came to offload gas, was leaking so the driver of tanker asked those closer to the station to run for their lives. So we rushed from the location and in 25 minutes after the news came, the blast happened, he said.’’

According to him, the number of deaths would have been more had it not been the information they received on Saturday.

From his narration, the individual who fell off the flyover and crashed to death, was using his phone to capture shots of the incident.

A fuel station exploded at Atomic junction in Accra near the overpass that connects Legon to Madina (Zongo junction).

The incident happened at about 7:30pm Saturday. The fire was said to have started at a Total Fuel station and extended to another station.

Seven (7) people have been confirmed dead with about 135 people sustaining serious injuries.