The Shama Police can now heave a sigh of relief as the Shama Youth for
Development and the Council of Elders have promised to construct an ultra
modern office complex and accommodation facilities for the Shama Police under a
Speaking during the maiden homecoming event in Shama organised by the Shama
Youth For Development in collaboration with the Council of Elders to raise funds
for the project , the Head of the Medical Department of Police Hospital ,who was
the guest of honour for the event ; Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) , Dr
Francis Kojo Benyah who is an indigene of  Shama , lamented about the
accommodation challenges of the Shama Police despite being elevated to a district
command saying it does not augur well for effective policing ; “Shama is fast
growing hence the name city to ensure that the police officers go about their duties
effectively , they also need the support of the citizens….as I speak now there are

38 police personnel in Shama ; only 2 out of 18 in Shama have accommodation ; of
the 8 in Beposo , none have accommodation ; with the 12 in Aboadze luckily
having accommodation; so it is in this light that the purpose of this event is being
underscored “ he added . He recounted nostalgic times of their youth at the then
Beach bar; advising the youth to take their studies seriously; and commended the
splendid efforts of the youth and Council of Elders; Lower Pra Rural Bank among
others for embarking on such an initiative saying when he visited 2 months ago he
noticed how the lack of accommodation for the district police commander in
Shama will not augur well for effective policing.
The Chairman of the Council of Elders, Nana Kwamena Dekyi I , Gyantuahene of
Shama, deplored the  intractable litigation in the town by the elders warning that
the youth are sending the signal to pursue development  in spite of that. Nana
Kwamina Dekyi who is also known in private life as John Afful and the chief
executive officer of Lower Pra Rural Bank, said they had to go through continuous
persecution to ensure the Homecoming event and fund raising come off
successfully.  He charged the police to do due diligence on any information they
receive since due to the deep division in the town , one faction is trying to dictate
affairs in the town and fumed about how they were frustrated in their efforts to
realize this ;”….Shama is not for anyone group of persons and much as the elders
can continue to litigate endlessly , the youth are signalling that will not stop their
quest for development…now it is obvious for all to see what this programme is all
about contrary to what some were perceiving …” the Gyantuahene apprehensively

By : Emmanual Ohene Gyan