Young Ghanaian Millionaire nicknamed Ibrah who on November 25th, 2017 shared iPhone 7s in a trotro he boarded has in Police Custody.

The young millionaire nicknamed Ibrah Money on Instagram is well known to flaunt his wealth on social media but according to a source, the young have been ripping monies from young guys who go into dealing with him.

In this video, an unknown man is seen who name hasn’t been disclosed yet in police custody. What caught our attention was the young man saying; “Abi You Say Abi Small Boy?”. He went on to say, “Small Boy go fit take your car?”.

Sources tell us Ibrah ripped $400K from this unknown young man and told him he won’t be able to do anything over the issue.

The video which was recorded by Heloo_Stephen also shows shreds of evidence of the young millionaire, Ibrah trying to escape to South Africa whereby he brought an economy class ticket.